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Digital radiography X-rays:(For less Radiation) & Digital IntraOral Camera

Digital radiography is x-ray is newer technology whose advantages include less radiation, fast results as it bypasses conventional chemical processing and enhanced images which help practitioners. This digital technique allows practitioner to store your data more efficiently and organized manner.

The purpose of Digital IntraOral Camera is patient education. Patient would be able to see the condition of their teeth in Monitor and will get better idea of what dentist is advising

Preventive Checkups and cleaning:

It has always been said "Prevention is better than cure". By taking proper prevention, you may avoid tooth decay, gum diseases or even loss of tooth. Normally people ignore taking proper care of their teeth and visit dentists only when there is severity in pain. This compromise is only realized when there is no choice but the removal of tooth. It is recommended by experts to get your teeth cleaned every six months to maintain good oral health. Do not take any chances with wonderful gift of GOD and Contact Dr. Manish Ladani now to make your smile shiny forever.

White tooth Colored Composite Fillings:

This is alternative to old silver or gold amalgam. The potential advantage of this composite filling is it does not contain mercury. With this kind of white composite filling, you could natural when you laugh or talk. With proper implementation it would be virtually non-visible. Dentist will clean your decay and apply adhesive followed by tooth colored composite. Take the advantage of this mercury free technique by visiting our dental practice at midtown New York.

In office one visit advance power Zoom teeth Whitening:

Due to daily habits of tea, coffee and chocolates, your teeth get discolored. Take the advantage of this latest technique of zoom whitening to get your natural teeth color back. This process lasts around 45 minutes to 1 hour. Dentists cover your leaps and gum and thus exposing only your teeth. Then whitening gel is applied on your teeth. A special light called ZOOM!!! is applied on this gel which helps to whiten your teeth. This emission of light lasts for 15 minutes. Gel is reapplied for second and third round followed by exposure of Zoom light.

Air abrasion (drill-less dentistry):

What is Air Abrasion:
It is an alternative to standard dentistry drill and it is used to remove decay from teeth. It is the modern method of removing tooth decay.

How does it work?
Just like process of sandblasting (which is used to remove rust or paint from the surface), in air abrasion, a mixture of dry air and abrasive powder (made of aluminum oxide) is sprayed over tooth decay. This blow will wear decay away. Patient would not feel any kind of vibration, pressure or sound.

How much time would it take?: Around 10 minutes.

Intended audience: Everyone is eligible for air abrasion. However children and who is fearful from dental surgery would be ideal candidate.

Implant supported crowns, Fixed porcelain bridges (looks as natural as possible):

Implant supported crowns are mainly used when only single tooth is involved for cosmetic treatment. Crown is actually cap that is placed on the small sized teeth to provide it strength and look. Fixed porcelain bridges are made of multiple crowns on either side of teeth gap. The benefits of bridges are providing natural look, restoring ability to chew and speak and providing support to other teeth so they may not shift from their positions.

Porcelain veneers (Inlay, onlay):

Porcelain veneers are kind of coating around teeth which can give you natural look by covering wear of teeth or uneven gaps among teeth. Porcelain veneers are durable and efficient. People generally prefer veneers for severe cases of discoloration, dullness or cracking of teeth. Porcelain veneers would solve almost any cosmetic requirements of your teeth. Applying veneers may take two to three visits to dental office. In first visit, dentist would decide whether porcelain veneers are appropriate for you and plan your veneer design. Before your next round visit veneers would be ready in dental laboratory. Dentist may apply temporary version of veneers till final veneers are prepared in laboratory. In your last visit, final veneers will applied on your teeth which will give you long lasting smile.

Periodontal therapy (Gums) deep scaling, Gum surgery

Periodontal therapy mainly deals with gum diseases. Due to lack of proper care, bacteria may infect your gum gradually. Gum diseases could damage structure of overall teeth base and tooth become loose in turn. Gum disease is ongoing process and may be found to many adults in various degrees. According to some studies almost 80% American adults are affected by gum diseases. Take your preventive steps by visiting to Dr. Manish Ladani before situation gets worse. Remember this is irreversible process which may be result in losing teeth, however in time care could thwart progress of gum disease.

Oral surgery wisdom tooth extraction (non impacted) (tooth removal):

Wisdom teeth normally come at end of the teen years. They could be extracted before they come in. Some other reasons for tooth removal includes, decay, extra teeth, due to some orthodontic work and some chemotherapy patients need their teeth to be removed. Normal extraction does not require any follow up visit and you may take some over the counter pain reliever.

Natural looking dentures (Full and Partial) ? Traditional and Flexible Valplast:


Dentures are removable (they are not fixed with your teeth bones) appliances which can give you natural look and replace missing teeth. You may take it out at night and clean it. Dentures are available full and partial depending upon your need. Valplast is thin and semi transparent than conventional partials.


Invisalign is a method to straighten crooked or inclined teeth. It is alternative to conventional braces. Invisalign is actually plastic braces which is crafted according to your teeth.It is virtually non noticeable. As this kind of braces are removeable, you can brush or clean your teeth very easily.